Our Story

As a mom of all boys, I’ve always loved buying them boxer briefs. They offer full coverage, come in a variety of fabrics like cotton and micromesh, and they’re super comfortable—no complaints about scratchiness or discomfort. One day, I wondered: why don’t girls have this type of underwear too?

I searched everywhere but couldn’t find anything like my sons’ boxer briefs for girls. That’s when I decided to create some for my nieces. I made them in three different fabrics—cotton, nylon mesh, and modal. They loved them all! Every time I see my youngest niece, she proudly tells me, “I’m wearing your boxettes!”

Realizing other girls might love them just as much, I decided to share these options with every girl. Boxettes give girls the choice of fabric, allowing them to pick what they want to wear for any kind of day. Lounging at home? Playing sports? Going to a party? No matter what kind of day she's having, we've got her covered (no pun intended)!

I hope your child loves them as much as my adorable little niece does!

Comfort for every kind of day

We believe that your child thrives by offering sensory-friendly options for her everyday essentials. Sometimes, the little things in life can be the most fulfilling and boxettes™ is exactly that!

We are committed to being a part of your child’s life journey. The very first time your child wears boxettes™ she will be immersed in the soft comfort of her choice. She will feel the boxettes™ difference.

 Through our fabric offerings and design elements, our boxettes™  are sure to be a staple in your child's everyday wardrobe!